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Pete Nelson  |  7.22.18

James 5:13-20 - In our conclusion to "Real Faith", Pastor Pete teaches the end of James 5, talking about wholeness.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 5:13-20

Learning Patience

Pete Nelson  |  7.15.18

In this section of James, Pastor Pete walks us through one of the most underrated character traits we have: Patience.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 5:7-12

The Purpose of Wealth

Pete Nelson  | 7.8.18

Pastor Pete leads us through the beginnings of James 5, where we see that money itself isn't evil. Where we fall into trouble is when we develop a love for money. But as we learn today, God has a purpose for our money.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 5:1-6

God's Purpose in Our Plans

Pete Nelson  | 6.24.18

We finish James 4 to see how our plans and God's plans meet in and bring purpose to our lives (and not always how we expect).

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 4:13-17

Don't Judge Me, Bro

Pete Nelson  |  6.17.18

On this Father's Day, Pastor Pete teaches on judgement, specifically looking at leaving the judgement of others into the hands of the Lord.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 4:11-12

A Life-Giving Demeanor

Pete Nelson  |  6.10.18

Pastor Pete starts James 4, looking at pride and humility. Pastor Pete discusses the beauty of living in humility to one another.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 4:1-10

Two Types of Wisdom

Pete Nelson  |  6.3.18

James reveals to us that there are two types of wisdom: one that is demonic, and one that comes from above. In this week's message, Pastor Pete Nelson breaks down these two types of wisdom and how they affect our lives.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 3:13-18

The Power of the Tongue

Pete Nelson  |  5.27.18

Pastor Pete teaches of the power of the tongue. Something so small, yet carrying such power.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 3:1-12

Faith That Works

Pete Nelson  |  5.13.18

Scripture tells us we are saved by grace alone through faith alone. But it also tells us that it's a specific kind of faith: A faith that works. This Mother's Day, Pastor Pete teaches on a faith that works, looking at the examples set forth by different people throughout Scripture.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 2:14-26

Live Justly, Love Mercy

Pete Nelson  |  5.6.18

Pastor Pete begins James 2, speaking on the sin of partiality and how we ought to live our lives in light of Jesus' selfless love.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 2:1-13

Jesus & Religion

Pete Nelson  |  4.29.18

Pastor Pete is back to continue in our series, "Real Faith", through the book of James. Today we'll see that Jesus calls us to more than just religious acts: He calls us into relationship with Him. As we grow in a relationship with Jesus, we become doers of the word, and not just hearers.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 1:19-27

Understanding Temptation

Mike Lutz  |  4.22.18

Guest teacher Mike Lutz continues our study in the book of James, sharing with the congregation the importance of understanding temptation. The world will pressure us to sin; God equips us to overcome.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 1:12-18

What We Need When Facing Trouble

Pete Nelson  |  4.15.18

Our current Sunday morning study, Real Faith, takes us through the epistle of James. Teaching from verses 5-11, Pastor Pete Nelson speaks on the things we need when facing troubles.

Series: Real Faith  |  Scripture: James 1:5-11