We are a group of people committed to loving Jesus, loving each other, encouraging and equipping with a commitment to expository bible teaching and passionate, spirit-led worship.






Out of all the possible pursuits of learning, there is none that bears greater significance than encountering the living God and his heart for the entirety of humanity. We live in a world that demands for us to prove ourselves worthy by how adequately we conform to it, with the hope that in doing so, we may eventually attain the acceptance of others. This unending cyclical endeavor becomes all too exhausting as it strips us of who we were beautifully created to be.



When we grasp the fullness of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ, it is life-altering. In God’s perfect love, He gave absolutely everything for us. It is difficult for our human minds to fathom that such love exists, but it does. This is the tangible reality found in the gospel; this is the good news! God loves you. In our doubting unbelief of this love phenomenon, we must look at the cross.



We have essentially been ripped off. Created in God’s image, the enemy of our soul’s has robbed us our entire lives of God’s good plan for us. The finished work of Jesus is the access point where we discover and grow in the redemptive work of the gospel. Redemption is at the heart of God’s nature throughout the Bible.



The gospel of grace is like a river, spilling down to the lowest of all places; and that is the message that flows effortlessly from our individually unique personalities, vocations and gifts. The more we learn of this life-transforming gospel, the more we are compelled to share it. When we are convinced that this love can change the world, we excitedly bring it to the earth’s ends.